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Happy Customers

Cody’s Cafe is a family restaurant in Goleta serving breakfast, lunch and dinner since 1995.

We serve fresh, high quality food at an affordable price with the friendliest customer service in town.

Reasonable Price

2A Santa Barbara staple for a reason. You won’t find a better “classic diner” style place. Huge portions and reasonable prices. Most popular during brunch time on the weekends, you might have to wait a bit to be seated, but it’ll be worth it. This is your one-stop shop for comfort foods like pancakes, waffles,…
Rudy M.

The Food is Fantastic

I’ve been coming to this place since I moved to Santa Barbara in 2009 at least twice a week. The wait staff are courteous and friendly and have or drinks on the table before we’ve even opened our menus. The food is great and at an fantastic price. It’s hard to go wrong with codys…
Louis G.

Recent Article

Next time you’re in the mood for great food in a relaxing atmosphere, come to Cody’s Cafe.